Market Analyst

Technical Analysis Software

Market Analyst is one the world’s leading technical analysis platforms, offering the very best technological innovations within a sophisticated, stylish and intuitive software package. Founded in Australia in 1996, Market Analyst is valued by private traders, analysts, fund managers and wealth advisors across the globe as their technical analysis platform of choice.

While advanced market timing strategies are an optional specialty, Market Analyst has innovated with excellence in all disciplines associated with financial analysis. Market professionals across the world leverage the power of Market Analyst through its connections with institutional platforms such as the Bloomberg Terminal. Market Analyst charts offer familiar Bloomberg codes for fast ticker entry, full index drill down into GICS levels and high speed scanning of large data universes on any technical criteria with real time alerting on indicators, including any of the Bloomberg data fields. With dynamic watchlists outputting standard values and script results, and powerful scripting language used throughout, incorporating custom tools and back-testing, the opportunity for excellence in technical analysis is met within Market Analyst.

Popular features include proprietary models developed by some of the world’s market experts, including Relative Rotation Graphs™ & ND Research volatility studies. Market Analyst also contains a unique report writer and journaling feature, with the very best resolution charts, 3D charting, multi-touch and multi-screen capabilities. The whole Market Analyst interface is built using advanced graphics programming that produces a fluid interface, incorporating powerful and alluring data visualisation techniques.

With office hubs in USA, Europe and Australia, Market Analyst is experiencing rapid growth due to continued investment in research and development, while staying true to the tried and tested disciplines of Technical Analysis. As a company that fully believes there is still more to be discovered in the field, Market Analyst is committed to continuing innovation for decades to come.

What’s in Market Analyst?

Market Analyst packs some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A few of what we think are the best features are listed below. For a complete list of all the features and what is included in each of the two editions of Market Analyst, visit the Features List.

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