Introducing Gann Contract Data


Starting this week, any Market Analyst customer using the Gann Edition with an active subscription to Trader or Professional services will have access to Gann Contract data for a number of American, European and Asian commodities. You do not need to do anything to install the data. It will display automatically once it has been enabled by our data management division.

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2015 UK Technical Analyst Awards

TA AwardsWe are thrilled to announce that Market Analyst has been nominated as a finalist for the second consecutive year in the prestigious UK Technical Analyst awards in the category of Best Technical Analysis Platform.

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Support is Changing at Market Analyst

At Market Analyst we are very proud of the support we provide our clients. For over 18 years we have built up a team of dedicated and knowledgeable customer service agents, and a comprehensive library of articles covering every aspect of Market Analyst. In an effort to continue to provide first class service to our clients, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Support website; bringing together all the support resources we have into a central hub. From our new support hub you will be able to search every article on file, access client forums where you can view and contribute...

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Exciting News from Market Analyst and RRG™

noafx_logoAlmost two years ago we released the Relative Rotation GraphsTM module for Market Analyst 7. If you have not previously heard about RRGs, they are what we believe to be one of the most powerful new charting styles to have been developed in the modern era of Technical Analysis.

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Range Charts

Range Chart

This method was coined by Gann's last surviving student Joe Rondinone. In these charts the width of each bar is 0.382 of the range. Rondinone's premiss was that the higher the range the greater the significance of the bar on time.

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