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In the past our clients would tell us so much of their time was spent manipulating data, interfacing with publishing programs and looking through spreadsheets. All tasks that are laborious and error-prone. We had an Analyst from a huge buy side firm tell us that when a Portfolio Manager would come in, he had no simple way to bring up the PM’s holdings. They would rely on the PM to “remember” the tickers so they could review the charts. So much room for important data to be missed!

With a Market Analyst Enterprise solution, you don’t have to experience this anymore. Our intersection of financial analysis and software engineering enables us to work with your teams to solve this. We can design and build a unifying solution that gets rid of the laborious tasks while removing the chances of simple errors that lead to costly mistakes. It’s your data seamlessly combined with market data and presented with complete flexibility.

This is a project based solution where we:

  • Review what is required.
  • Design a solution based around the Market Analyst software and our on-site server technology.
  • Confirm the requirements are being satisfied.
  • Develop the software.
  • Test on an internal environment.
  • Implement on-site.
  • Continue to work with you on enhancements.

The core interface is the ever-evolving Market Analyst application, giving your team access to all the analysis power of Market Analyst with your data. Your team will always have the latest version containing our latest developments. It’s a business intelligence platform tailored to Market Professionals.

Market Analyst Servers

Concerned About Security?

In today’s environment of hackers and security breaches, you need a solution that will not compromise the company’s measures to protect confidential data. The Market Analyst Enterprise Solution can be administered by a dedicated server inside your firewalls with no links outside your firm. The whole client server model is completely secured within your environment. Your security is important to us. We create solutions that give you the software to help you while maintaining the security you need.


How Much Does This Cost?

Every project is different. Once we have a design, we can provide quotes for the completion of the project.

If you have a desire to see a significant improvement in your firm’s processes, please contact us by completing the form at the end of this page.

Enterprise Solutions

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