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Almost two years ago we released the Relative Rotation Graphs™ module for Market Analyst 7. If you have not previously heard about RRGs, they are what we believe to be one of the most powerful new charting styles to have been developed in the modern era of Technical Analysis.

From the time we first introduced RRG charts we have been continually working with the inventor, Julius de Kempenaer, on how we can take this powerful new technique and build upon it with advantageous features for our private trader clients and market professional clients. Some of these features include support for Intraday data, the ability to track relative strength of FX pairs, dragging through historical values to visualise how the market rotates, Standard Deviation filters and bar colour coding. These features are only available in Market Analyst 7 and we’re not finished yet, there is even more work in the pipeline!

We believe the Relative Rotation Graphs represent great potential and benefit to our clients, and it is for this reason we have been in negotiations with the team from RRG to make the RRG charts available to all Market Analyst clients with a valid service subscription (either Trader Services or Professional Services).

As a result of these discussions, we are pleased to announce that from the 1st of October 2014 all copies of Market Analyst 7 with an active subscription to Trader Services will receive access to the RRG Lite module as a part of their subscription bundle at no extra cost! All copies of Market Analyst 7 with an active subscription to Professional Services will receive access to the Full RRG module as part of their subscription.

This represents incredible value, with the Trader Services package now including:

  • 1 Region EOD Data (Australian, US, Canadian)
  • Premium Support
  • Market Analyst Updates and Upgrades
  • Support for Real-Time data connections
  • Lifetime access to our standard support services
  • And now, access to the RRG Lite module

Learning More about RRG

To ensure you get the most out of your new RRG charts, Mathew Verdouw will be hosting a series of webinars over the coming weeks. The webinars will include an in-depth overview on how the RRG can be used throughout a number of different trading strategies and markets, with practical examples you can follow. The first introductory webinar is completely free and will be held on Tuesday the 7th of October, at 7.30pm AEST. Click the following button to register for the first RRG webinar:

Register for RRG Webinar

Need to Renew Your Subscription?

If you already have a subscription to Trader Services you do not need to do anything, RRG charts will automatically be added to your copy of Market Analyst 7 on the 1st of October. If your subscription to Trader Services has expired, and you would like to renew it to secure your access to the RRG Lite module, login to the Market Analyst Client Portal using the button below, and click the Renew button.

Renew Market Analyst

Interested in Professional Services?

If you are a professional analyst or portfolio manager and you have been using Market Analyst for many years, you may not be aware of all the advanced management and reporting tools that have recently been built into the Professional Services edition of Market Analyst. If you would like to know more about this, please click on the following button and we’ll get in touch with you.

Market Analyst Service Levels