Introducing Gann Contract Data

Starting this week, any Market Analyst customer using the Gann Edition with an active subscription to Trader or Professional services will have access to Gann Contract data for a number of American, European and Asian commodities. You do not need to do anything to install the data. It will display automatically once it has been enabled by our data management division.

W.D. Gann, the famous Wall Street trader in the early 1900’s, was a master of time and cycles analysis. Through his many years of study, he sourced commodities data spanning hundreds of years searching for patterns which repeated in a way he could anticipate. It was through this analysis that Gann was able to discover cycles such as the year of ascension (the bullish markets on the 5th year of every decade), the importance of 144 counts, Gann Seasonal Dates, and more.

One technique often utilised by Gann was the knitting together of futures contracts for the same period of time over successive months. For example, taking the June contract for Crude Oil for each year and combining them into a single chart.


Crude Oil (Electronic) – June 1993 to 2015

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Today this style of data is referred to as Gann Contracts.

Gann knew, especially with commodities, that cycles played an integral part in the market. Simple, easily predictable cycles such as the effects the seasonal increase in the demand for Heating Oil during the cold weather periods experienced in the United States in January – March each year, while not the only criteria for trading, could be anticipated as part of the overall analysis used.

Major tops and bottoms, which may not have shown up in the deferred contracts, may have occurred in nearby contracts. By charting the market same-contract month to same-contract month instead of nearby to nearby, historical tops and bottoms unique to a specific contract can more easily be compared, as also can cycles and trading swings.

An excerpt about the benefits of Gann Contracts from James Hyerczyk’s book - Pattern, Price and Time: Using Gann Theory in Technical Analysis.

Gann Contract data will download as needed when new charts are opened (known in Market Analyst as Data on Demand). If you would like to download all of the historical data for the new Gann Contracts exchange please click here and run through Option 3 listed in the article. If you have any questions please contact our support team