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HELogoMarket Analyst is pleased to announce that two tools are now available based on the ground-breaking research of Tony Plummer in his book The Law of Vibration: The Revelation of William D. Gann.

Upon the release of his tools Tony said: “I’m pleased to make both the Pattern of Vibration and the Triple Octave Support and Resistant Lines available without charge to all users of Market Analyst. I firmly believe in making these tools accessible to as many people as possible, and Market Analyst definitely helps to achieve this.”

Market Analyst Founder and CEO Mathew Verdouw added: “We are delighted to work with Tony in an effort to bring the remarkable work of W.D. Gann to a wider audience. Our goal is to constantly innovate and make Market Analyst the ultimate toolbox for advanced traders, and this is just another example.”

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Gann’s Pattern of Vibration

In his book, Tony describes a specific economic behavioural pattern used by W.D. Gann. For the first time, the Pattern of Vibration has been made in to a practical tool for technical analysts.

Law of Vibration

Triple Octave Support & Resistance Lines

William Gann’s Law of Vibration is elsewhere known as the ‘Law of Octaves’. This law describes, among other things, how the relationship between pairs of musical notes in the tonic solfa (ie, Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do) undergoes a retardation at Me-Fa and Ti-Do. Gann used the relationship between the notes to calculate support and resistance levels. Importantly, the relationship between three of these support and resistance levels also contain an octave. These are the gaps Re-Me, Me-So, and So-Do. Hence, a whole octave can be seen as containing three lower-level octaves.

Market Analyst’s Triple Octave Support & Resistance Lines tool makes finding these levels easier.

Triple Octaves