Market Data

Using the past to give you the edge in the future

At Market Analyst we spend countless hours in research and development producing software that gives our clients a tool that will give them an edge in their analysis and trading. The reality is, however, that a product relying on a continual supply of data will only ever be as good as the quality of that data.

End of Day

While Market Analyst can receive data using any of the standard data formats – such as Metastock, CSI or CSV (text) – we always recommend the Market Analyst integrated data service. Not only is it included in your Trader Services subscription, but it is so tightly integrated with Market Analyst that you never have to think about end of day data again.

Throughout the day Market Analyst will be in constant contact with our data servers around the world to see if there is new data available. If there is, Market Analyst gets to work in the background downloading the data, checking if there have been any name changes, and applying any splits or dilutions to the historical database, all of this while you have been busy with your analysis!

Real Time Data

Every chart and tool has been designed to support real time data into Market Analyst from any of the providers that are listed below.

The charts and the analysis all update and recalculate with every tick that comes in. In a Watchlist, all the codes listed also update as ticks come in. Watchlists can also have Analysis Columns which also update as new data comes in.

Market Depth (Level II)

In Market Analyst not only do we have standard displays for Market Depth, but we also have designed Market Depth to be displayed in the Price Scale of a chart. By default, any chart containing active Market Depth data will display the Market Depth information in the price scale.

Blue bars indicate the bid prices while red bars indicate the asking price. The size of the bar is relative to the total volume demand on each price level. To see the detail of the pending orders, you simply hover the mouse over one of the depth bars to display the Market Detail of the selected price point.

Market Depth


On a selection of the data feeds that Market Analyst supports, we have included order entry and order management. Pending orders in the market are displayed in the Price Scale and as you watch the market and your analysis, you can adjust your order simply by dragging it up and down on the price scale.

Supported Data Providers

Below are the data providers with compatible real time feeds for Market Analyst. If there are any other feeds you think we should support please send us some feedback. Please note that Bloomberg is only available with a Professional Services subscription.

Bloomberg Data

Industry Standard Data Formats

Market Analyst also supports the following industry standard data formats.

Market Analyst Data Exchanges


Australian Region

USA Region

Canadian Region

Optional Exchanges

ASX Shares
SFE Futures
US Commodities
World Indices