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Thanks for your interest in Market Analyst, an advanced technical analysis program for advanced traders.

Market Analyst is so much more than just technical analysis though. From the moment you run Market Analyst for the first time you will know that this program is like nothing else you have ever used before. We have spent a lot of time and expertise working to provide our clients with an interface that has that perfect balance between power and ease of use.

The software comes with end-of-day data, but you can stream in your live eSignal data as required. With Market Analyst and eSignal you have the ability to chart on any intraday timeframe you require, such as 15 minutes or 60 minutes, or if your strategy requires four minute bars then you can create that in a couple of clicks of the mouse.

With realtime eSignal data you can create dynamic watchlists containing custom analysis columns, as well as Market Depth and Course of Trades.

NOTE: Live Data Support requires an active subscription to our Trader or Professional Services package.

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To try Market Analyst with eSignal data click Try Now above to request a free trial of our software, and submit this form direct to eSignal. Alternatively, you can contact the Market Analyst representative at eSignal on 800-322 1510.

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