Publishing Reports with Annotated Charts

Time Saving Publishing Options

One of the value-added and time saving features available with Market Analyst Professional Services is the ability to easily share detailed analysis reports with colleagues or clients. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, all, one or selected charts from the workbook can be published in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF or to our dedicated web server for instant access from anywhere in the world.

Publish Options

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Web Server

The Chart Annotation feature allows for detailed notes and comments to be added to the chart which can then be exported into the required format.

How to Annotate Charts

To place a comment on the chart, click the annotation icon located at the bottom of the Action Bar on the very left of the screen, and then click on the chart where the note is to appear. In the box that opens, type the comment as required and click away from the box. The icon will be left on the chart but the note it contains will be hidden; simply mouse over the icon to make it visible in a pop-up.

As the text is hidden from view it allows as many annotations to be placed on the chart as needed without cluttering the analysis. Upon publishing the workbook, these notes and comments appear below each chart referencing the icon markers, so there is no need to type them in to the report again.

For more information on using Chart Annotations please visit our Knowledge Base.

How to Publish

When the annotations have been added to the analysis it can be published in Word, PowerPoint, PDF or online by clicking on the File menu and selecting Publish Workbook.

In the window that opens, select the export format and the charts required, and give the report a title and description. Note that if the web option is selected, the report will be posted instantly online to the site with a unique URL that can be sent to clients. Additionally, there is the option to include the workbook in the link which will allow anybody viewing it to download and open the charts in their Market Analyst.

Publish Workbook Options

Publishing in Powerpoint & Word

If you publish reports in PowerPoint save time by creating a template and exporting your analysis directly from Market Analyst. To learn how to do this see here:

It's also possible to export your charts directly to Word:

Web Published Example

To see an example of a published workbook on our dedicated workbook publishing web site click the sample link below:

XYZ Fund Sample