ND Research – Risk Reward Ratio

Investing success is favored to those who accurately manage risk.

Risk Little to Gain Much More*

It’s the universal winning formula that the successful master, yet elude others.

At what price will bears win? At what price will bulls dominate? These two points are where reward and risk are located.

Technicians call this Support and Resistance. Analysts call it demand and supply. Regardless it's the same:

What are price points that define the
Reward and the Risk for this position?

For most traders and portfolio managers this is the most difficult analytic to determine. Macro analyses by portfolio or sector typically require teams of analysts for this task.

The ND Research Reward Risk Ratio is built on our proprietary VBSR (Volatility Based Support & Resistance). It finds the correct VBSR zones that represent meaningful resistance and support. It’s quantitatively proven, and market hardened over the past five years. The accuracy of VBSR is now at your desktop in the form of the ND Reward Risk Ratio (ND RRR), only with Market Analyst.

ND RRR enables you to risk little to gain much more.*

The Reward to Risk analysis is made simple by separately measuring the distance from price to support, and from price to resistance. It’s displayed in a simple histogram.

What about a whole Portfolio?

When a portfolio is imported into Market Analyst, you can view the risk and reward as columns. Easily sorting them to reveal what you are holding that has high risk. Conversely you can scan the whole market for opportunities based on the same rules. Even perform sector analysis based on Reward to Risk Ratio analysis.

About Northington Dahlberg Research

Northington Dahlberg Research, LLC is a financial markets research firm. Their clients and subscribers include registered portfolio managers, traders, investment advisors, money managers, and financial services institutions. ND Research's expertise lies with quantitative research in Volatility-Based Technical Analysis, predictive relative strength, and portfolio management. ND Research is committed to being innovative, quantitative and transparent.

Carson Dahlberg, CMT

Kirk Northington, CMT

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