Support is Changing at Market Analyst

At Market Analyst we are very proud of the support we provide our clients. For over 18 years we have built up a team of dedicated and knowledgeable customer service agents, and a comprehensive library of articles covering every aspect of Market Analyst.

In an effort to continue to provide first class service to our clients, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Support website; bringing together all the support resources we have into a central hub.

From our new support hub you will be able to search every article on file, access client forums where you can view and contribute to ongoing discussions, gain instant access to our client services agents via Live Chat, and when further help is required submit a ticket or request a phone call.

To see all the details about the new Support site (including changes to our Phone and Email systems), please visit our F.A.Q. page.

We are also rolling out some changes to the subscription system for annual Trader Services packages, streamlining the process of continuing your subscription to this key component of Market Analyst. You will no longer need to manually login and process the renewal, this will now be an automatic process. We will send you a notification two weeks prior to the renewal date as a reminder.


With a new support system and renewal process we will be updating our Terms & Conditions to reflect these changes. Once updated we will alert you via the Market Analyst homepage. You can also view the latest Terms & Conditions on our website anytime here:

Terms & Conditions - Summary of Changes

  • Support Tickets replace Support Emails - While notifications will be sent, the ticket system will be used for all incoming and outgoing support items (email is just too unreliable these days!)
  • Incoming Support Calls are now handled via the Ticketing System. Phone Support is still available (and as responsive as before), however routing the request via the new support system ensures everything remains centralised.
  • We will no longer respond to support tickets that simply request us to call without giving detailed information into what support is required.
  • Annual Subscriptions for Trader Services will be processed automatically now, with an email notice being sent 2 weeks from the renewal date.