Using Market Analyst with the Cloud

At its simplest, the ‘cloud’ is a term used to describe internet-based services, with online file storage being one of the most popular. By using such a service it is possible to keep all of your personal Market Analyst files (such as workbooks, settings, custom tools, templates, and scanning files) in the cloud, thus making them safe if your hard drive fails. If a failure should happen, then the program and historical end-of-day data can always be restored by reinstalling from your account page, with your work being restored from the cloud.

Online Storage Providers

There is a growing number of providers in the online file storage market, nearly all of whom offer at least 2GB of free space (unless you have enormous workbooks, this amount will be sufficient for your Market Analyst files). Among the most popular providers are Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. We are not in a position to recommend one service over another, however Google Drive has been used for the purposes of this example. Click here for an independent and comprehensive summary of the various providers available.

Changing the default Market Analyst file locations

So how can you use this new technology to safe-guard your Market Analyst analysis? By installing the PC version of your chosen provider you can then configure Market Analyst to save to those locations. Here are the steps:

1. Create an online storage account from one of the above providers and install the drive onto your computer. Once complete it will appear as a directory on the user account:

2. Create a folder in the online drive called Market Analyst.

3. Log in to the Market Analyst program.

4. Click on the Settings menu and select File Location Settings.

5. Click on the three dots under Market Analyst Documents and navigate to the Market Analyst folder created in step 2.

File Location definitions

Market Analyst Documents: The document files are unique to each client, and include workbooks, custom tool settings, scanning and back testing files, templates, alerts and remembered logins.

Data Directory: The location of the raw end-of-day and intraday data files used to create charts.

Config Directory: Where important software configuration files are stored.

Publish Location: Where Market Analyst automatically saves your printed files.

Save Locations: Where you can choose to save just your workbook files, and also set a secondary location to share with other users without giving access to all your workbooks.

6. If you wish, you can also set the Backup Directory to the online drive. Please note, however, that setting the Data Directory location to the online drive is not advisable due to the size of the files and the time it would take Market Analyst to download from and save to the online drive.

7. Click Apply to complete the process. Market Analyst will now save and retrieve all of your work and personal settings via the cloud. If your computer’s hard drive ever fails, the files can be restored from any device connected to the internet.

Sharing your files between computers

Not only is using cloud-based storage useful for keeping your files safe, but if you use Market Analyst on two computers it is possible to set them both up to sync files to the same online folder. By doing this, all of your charts, tool settings, templates, etc will be available on both computers automatically without the need to manually transfer them between the two.

To do this, simply install the online drive on the second computer (using the same account details already created) and repeat steps 3 to 7 above.

If you have any questions on this or need help with any other aspect of the program please don’t hesitate to contact us.