Have to keep an eye on that market

The Market Analyst Watchlist is a veritable hub of important information for both real-time and end-of-day traders. The Watchlist displays all of the standard price information but also shows small previews of the security’s history and will even allow you to add your own Analysis Columns.

Analysis Columns

An Analysis Column allows for a formula to be entered and the result for each security in the Watchlist will be displayed. If the formula has a true or false result (e.g. is Gann Swing Up?) then that cell in the Watchlist will be coloured so it is obvious that the condition has been met.

Edit Formula


In Market Analyst you can hover your mouse over the top of a security in the Watchlist and see a hint appear with a thumbnail size chart. If you like what you see, then all you need to do is click on the thumbnail and it will expand into a full size chart and automatically be added to your workbook.

You can also manually move securities from your Watchlist. Easily drag a security to the edge of the page and watch as Market Analyst moves your Watchlist out of the way and inserts the new chart.

Sector Maps

In the Professional Edition of Market Analyst, once you have your favourite securities added to a Watchlist, you can use the “Create Sector Map” to generate a three dimensional Sector Map of all the securities. The Sector Map is a great way to view the capitalisation and how each security has performed.